Sheldon Mckinney

How to Appropriately Paint Faux Brick Panels


Faux brick panels are great if you want to bring the outdoor look into the home’s indoor. Use of these panels will add a texturized look on the walls. Nevertheless, the look of these panels gets weary with the passage of time, and you may start thinking about removing these panels and installing something else. Well, there is no need to remove the panels if you really like the brick texture. Instead, you can paint these panels with primer or simply the wall paint. The real advantage of painting these panels is that the texture would stay and painting will conceal the fakeness of the panels.

The process starts with cleaning. After that, it would be the time to match and select the color. While the natural color of bricks is red, you can choose one from other colors. The trick is that the faux brick panels would look more real if you paint them using a color other the traditional brick color.

Cover wall borders alongside floor, other walls and ceiling. That will help in preventing the paint overlap. Use of painter tape is recommended in this regard. To avoid dropping of paint on the floor, you can put a drop cloth on the floor.

After the taping is done, clean the panels thoroughly. Vacuum cleaning and brushing are the ideal techniques to clean these panels. The material, of which the panels are made, contains the holes that are often filled with the dirt and dust. To clean those holes, you can use detergent or dishwashing liquid mixed in warm water.

After the cleaning is done, apply a coat of primer using a roller with a surface meant to paint the textured surfaces. Paint to make the blocked portions on the walls and fill those potions with the paint. Make sure that not a smallest space is left. If you like the neutral colors, apply light-colored primers. A bonding primer is the preferable option because it sticks with the panels’ surface quite easily.

After the first coat is dried, apply another coat using the same technique. Use paint roller or brush. It may take a little longer to complete the entire area but it is going to be a great job.

Some tips and warnings